Free Essentials for All Sacred Musicians

You know how most Catholic parishes don’t have money for music?

There may be people in the parish who can read music, play the piano, like to sing but nothing ever happens to get them involved.

And it’s also not enough to just hire an organist, choir director or even a cantor.

You need to give them the tools they need, the shovel to dig a hole, a hammer to pound in a nail and a even a broom to clean up if they make a mess.

We give you the free essential tools on this page, PDF files for you to download for free.  Including a hymnal to copy and use at Mass.

Today most every parish has a copy machine. But, is it legal to copy these essential tools? You have our blanket permission to copy, share, print in a bulletin, podcast and stream everything that we offer at no charge, no paperwork or permissions required.

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