A Catholic Book of Hymns and Chants

  • 295 Catholic hymns in the historic tradition of the Church
  • 52 Latin Gregorian chants
  • $19.95 - Hardbound Pew Book
  • Original texts – no modernizations
  • No need to pay for copyrights, podcasting or streaming permissions – ever
  • Hymns in full harmony for choir & congregation – or playing at home on the piano
  • Rich collection of Catholic hymns sung today & classic hymns back into Catholic history
  • Hymns that teach and reinforce the Faith for all ages
  • Total Custom Hymnals also available for your parish

A Permanent Traditional Catholic Hymnal
in full harmony for your singing congregation!

Missals for the altar; Hymnals for the pews!

Thousands of dollars have been spent on combined missals/hymnals, only to have repeated new translations of the Mass and Scripture force parishes to keep buying new ones. Hymnals were always separate books; their words never went out-of-fashion.

It is time to separate them again!

Your choices:

  1. A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants
  2. A Catholic Book of Hymns (for a parish already using A Parish Book of Chant or other Kyriale)

Why is this important? A new scripture translation is due - initially announced for 2025, and this will outdate the combined missal/hymnals you are using today, just as those changes did in 2010. Your hymnals from us will not be outdated by these changes.

As an option for you, Source & Summit also has a wonderful Companion Missal without hymns and our hymnal is a great match for it.

But how to gain support for this change? And without costing anything?

Get Started in Your Parish for Free

download Step 1: Download PDF

Use the PDF freely, there are no copyright fees or streaming permissions ever required. Print out what you need for your cantor, choir and congregation.

You have two choices:

Download now free with no email address required

Download for free through our online store and we will keep in touch via email.

quick_reorder Step 2: Order Trial Package

For only $69.95 + FREE Shipping, you get something for everybody:

Organist & Choir Director Edition for Organist, Paperback

Pew Edition for Cantor, Hardbound

Printable PDF for Choir & Congregation, Digital Download

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to offer a 30-day full refund, including return shipping costs.

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Customizing the Hymnal - adding pages

Our standard hymnal is FLEXIBLE and able to be extensively customized. How is this possible? And is it affordable?

A high-quality, non-latex, affordable elastic band holds securely holds up to 16 additional inserted pages of your choice: 8 in the front and 8 in the back of each hymnal.

Add your choice of Mass settings, unison hymns, readings, and Mass texts to the hymnal.

A Simple Process

This flexibility also keeps sheets of paper from falling on the floor, cluttering up the pews and, even worse - having the Word of God be stepped on accidentally.

Volunteers who once picked up loose papers after Mass can now simply insert booklets into the hymnals before the first Vigil Mass of the weekend.

Custom Printable PDF Inserts:

Free PDF files without the need for copyright fees or streaming paperwork. 

Here are some ideas for inspiration. We have free pre-made files ready for you to use, but you can also upload your own PDFs and generate a booklet using our free online tool!

  1. The Order of the Mass - English*
  2. Glory to God and Creed
  3. ICEL English Chant Mass
  4. Other Mass Settings
  5. Saint Michael Prayer (inserted as the last page)
  6. Other Gregorian Chants not included in our "& Chants" version of A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants
  7. And more... we would be happy to consider your requests!
*Latin Mass insert in preparation

A Truly Custom Hymnal

Would you consider making a custom hymnal for my parish, school or monastery? 

For more than 10 years we have been creating custom Catholic hymnals for parishes, schools, colleges and seminaries where they are being sung from on three continents. We welcome your calls and have a simple process we follow for building new hymnals--from the first glimmer of an idea to shipping them to your parish. This process is based upon the framework of our standard hymn format and your choice of music, which makes this affordable.


When our church was closed during COVID, the old parish hymnals were placed in storage.
Now, I am free to print music sheets and choose more appropriate hymns. But, I have to report music to OneLicense and process permissions for podcasting and streaming, so I now have more responsibility than I expected. I met with Father, who listened to my concerns.
He had recently come across a Catholic hymnal that requires no paperwork or permissions, and is completely authentic to the faith. He asked me to learn more about it.
I did and found that the USCCB bishops very recently wrote that hymns must consistently reflect the teachings and beliefs of the Church. This hymnal has the IMPRIMATUR of a bishop, and so we are seriously considering it.
And me, I’d be freed from all of this paperwork!
- A Parish Musician
It has been many years since I got the Catholic Choirbook Anthology and A Beginner's Guide to Reading Gregorian Chant Notation from your site. After using these resources to learn CREDO I in 2016, the choir at my parish continued to sing first simpler Gregorian Chant melodies like the Exultemur et Laetemur for Easter, and now we sing polyphonic motets and hymns, in addition to beautiful Gregorian Chant.

To think those books were free download!  
Thank you for your work.
- Anthony Achonye, Nne Enyemaka Ebebe Shrine [FSSP], Umuaka, Imo, Nigeria
These resources have been invaluable in helping me to implement quality sacred music in our parish liturgies. Well crafted and very accessible for musicians of all levels.
- Dr. Holly Smith, Saint Margaret Mary Parish, Louisville, KY

A Book for Every Musician

Our hymnal series provides specialized hymnals to match the skills of your musicians.

All our music - aside from the hardbound hymnals - have perfectbound paperback covers.