A Catholic Book of Hymns and Chants

A Permanent Traditional Catholic Hymnal
in full harmony for your singing congregation!

When the church was closed, its old, outdated parish hymnals were placed in storage.


Now, I am free to print a music sheet and choose more appropriate hymns. But, I have to report music to OneLicense and process permissions for streaming and podcasting, so I now have more responsibility than I expected. I met with Father, who listened to my concerns. 


He had recently come across a Catholic hymnal that requires no paperwork or permissions, and is completely authentic to the faith. He asked me to learn more about it.


I did and also discovered the USCCB Bishops very recently wrote that hymns must consistently reflect the teachings and beliefs of the Church. As this hymnal has the IMPRIMATUR of a Bishop, we are seriously considering it.


And me, I’d be freed from all of this paperwork!

- A Parish Musician


  • 295 Catholic hymns in the historic tradition of the Catholic Church
  • 52 Latin chants  
  • Original Texts – no modernizations
  • No copyrights, podcasting or streaming permissions ever required – print and share freely
  • The hymns are in full harmony for choir & congregation – or playing at home on the piano
  • Catholic hymns sung today & back into history

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Get the free PDF and start using the hymnal in your parish today!

  • If a funeral family requests Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All, you have it.
  • Cantor forgot to bring In Paradisum, you’ve got it.
  • First Communion hymns will bring tears to the eyes of grandparents remembering their First Communions.
  • You will find many lost--but not forgotten--Holy Ghost and Sacred Heart Hymns.
  • Print hymns in the weekly bulletin and sing true Catholic hymns that teach & reinforce the Faith.

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When you are ready, order the 30 day trial package order Full refunds even include return postage. Use it, show it to your musicians – cantors, choir, all your musicians...and anyone you think has an appreciation for the liturgy and the music that goes with it.


  • 1 Pew Edition for the Cantor (Hardcover)
  • 1 Organist & Choir Director Edition for you (Spiral-bound)
  • Unlimited Printable PDF to make legal copies for the congregation and choir

Price: $69.95

A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants: Trial Package

30-day Risk-Free Trial

Price: $69.95


Getting support from the Knights of Columbus is a great idea along with meeting with other organizations in the parish and asking for their support. You may even come across a donor who will fund the entire project.

Hard Bound WITH Gregorian Chants

Price: $19.95

Hardbound ONLY with Hymns

Price: $16.95

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does A Catholic Book of Hymns have lectionary readings or English Mass Parts?

A: No, and for a very good reason.

For years, hymns were in hymnals and the Mass and Readings were in a missal--until the 1970’s.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been spent on combined missal/hymnals, only to have new translations force parishes to throw them away and buy new ones.

Now it is time to separate them once again. 

This hymnal will never be outdated.  In fact, it can be added to.

Each hymnal may come with a high-quality elastic band, which can be used to conveniently insert up to 16 pages. Add your Mass setting, hymns, readings, and Mass texts with a simple 8.5x11 folded booklet if you like.

Why is this important? A new scripture translation is due - initially announced for 2025, and this will outdate the combined missal/hymnal you are using today, just as did changes about 12 years ago.  This hymnal will not be outdated by these changes.  



Q: Would you consider making a custom hymnal for my parish, school or monastery?

A: Yes! For more than 10 years we have been building hymnals for parishes. We are always willing to talk and give advice about hymnal projects, whether you are planning on doing it all yourself – which is possible – or want it completely done by us from start to finish and delivered to your church. See Details