A Truly FLEXIBLE Hymnal


Missing an essential hymn? Need a custom Mass booklet? Can't find something you're looking for?
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Customize Your Hymnal

A Catholic Book of Hymns and Chants can accommodate up to 8 sheets / 16 additional pages: 8 in the front, and 8 in the back.

Simply check the boxes for the extra music you'd like to include in your hymnal and click the "Generate" button.

You will then be prompted to save a PDF file, which you can print double-sided (on the short edge) and fold into a booklet to slip between our high-quality, clear silicon band.

Sacred Music Library Resources:

Custom Files:

Booklet Generation Options:

NOTE: While you can generate a booklet with more than 8 pages, we strongly recommend keeping within the page limit to avoid causing unnecessary strain to the binding of your hymnal.

The Order of Mass pages are free to use by any Catholic Parish under the terms of the USCCB and ICEL.