A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants – Pew Hymnal

This is A Catholic Book of Hymns expanded with 54 pages of congregational Latin Gregorian chants (in traditional square notes) settings of Masses, hymns and responses for the Mass.  The Missa de angelis and Requiem Mass are included with others.

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295 English Catholic Hymns
Full Four Part Harmony for Congregation and Choir
Organist & Choir Edition
Organist Score [the hymns set for a keyboard instrument – for a smoother richer accompaniment
Latin Chants for the Mass and Liturgy for the congregation from The CMAA Parish Book of Chant.*

A Link to the full index -including the biblical index, which is otherwise  only printed in the Organist & Choir Director Edition, adding a large number of pages..

*These are congregational chants, choirs should purchase and sing from the entire CMAA Parish Book of Chant.

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Back just before Vatican II we had a hymnal that included traditional hymns in English and the Mass chants in Latin.  Is there one out there today someplace?

Most people don’t understand Hand Missals for the people were for following the Mass and Hymnals contained only hymns for centuries.

Isn’t it time to go back to that since we have done nothing but continually waste parishioners’ hard-earned money as the Church is once again (2025 – and recent posts by reliable le sources are saying even 2-3 years later – no official announcements yet) changing translations that affect the Mass and force burning more and more hymnals that are actually missal/hymnals.

Combining music and Mass readings into one hard-bound book, according to industry experts a life-time of less than 10 years.  And these are books that are bound, like ours, up to even 100 years.   There are an amazing number of St. Gregory hymnals in use today from the original printing of 1912.  an inexpensive Mass bulletin in the office (no need to have a color picture of the church on the front – the people already know what it looks like!) with the Mass parts the people need.  Add this hymnal saves money on printing hymns and has Latin Mass chants as congregations are moving back to singing them.

As a choir director/organist  I’m tired of filing for copyright permissions, licensing forms and payment, tracking use of music in podcasting and also streaming and filing that paperwork.

Our hymnal is totally immune to all of that.  Get your life back and go back to being a musician!

The same high-quality cover and the same paper are both the same as  A Catholic Book of Hymns.
The picture of the hymnal on this page is of the paperback-edition.




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