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We have compiled a list of free resources from other publishing companies to bring additional life to your music and liturgies. 

PLEASE NOTE - as of Feb 10, 2023 some of these links are inactive and being update.  We apologize for the difficulty.

English Mass (Roman Missal, ICEL)

This Mass was composed to serve as one common Mass for all to know, no matter the parish.

For the Congregation:

The most important music for the congregation to sing:
  • Lord Have Mercy
  • Glory to God
  • Holy, Holy, Holy
  • Lamb of God
  • Creed
  • Preface Dialogue Responses (These are intoned by the priest and you the congregation answers. A parish where the priest sings these is a strong step towards a singing congregation.)
Singing these every Sunday makes them very easy to memorize. Routinely changing to other tunes defeats this. 
If choir members and cantors say that they are bored singing them, it’s time to work on the tone and precision of the singing to bring them continually striving to a higher standard of perfection.

Ordinary of the Mass

The basic Roman Missal Mass on one folded letter-size sheet

ICEL English Chant Mass Organ Accompaniment

For the Choir:

These parts of the Mass have been the property of choirs and/or cantors for centuries. Trying to involve the congregation in singing them is a grave mistake and creates a non-singing congregation, fully dispelling the thought of “active participation”.

Propers – Entrance, Offertory, and Communion


Gospel Alleluia

This is to be silent if there is no singer according to the GIRM. It’s that easy. And should not be sung at any Mass unless a trained singer is available.

Music & Liturgy Planning You can Trust

Planning the Music for this Sunday? CanticaNOVA has recommendations of hymns, propers, and even organ music for OF & EF liturgies. They also have excellent articles about liturgical music. We are very pleased that A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants is included in their hymn suggestions for the liturgical year.

Source & Summit Liturgy & Sacred Music DIGITAL RESOURCE and printed Missals including A Companion Missal Without Hymns - a good match with A Catholic Book of Hymns

Hymns & Chants

Propers: Entrance, Offertory, Communion


These are the chants now available:
English Requiem E_C_L


Whitney Maslak Music is a vocal artist who is also an organist.

Angela Marie Rocchio’s Chant Academy

Sacred, Beautiful & Universal: a Video about the annual Sacred Music Colloquium

Liturgical Organ School in Spanish

Janet Gorbitz’s Vox Femina 
Spanish Propers Project

Corpus Christi Watershed 
Hymns – Traditional Catholic Living
Sacred Music Studies

Society of St. Bede
Tonus Peregrinus
Chant Cafe

CMAA’s Musica Sacra Forum

Church Music Association of America
Chant Cafe
The Catholic’s Latin Instructor
Organ Research Sites Worldwide

Brandt Lab
A New Book of Old Hymns
Musica Sacra Downloads
The Story of Redemption for Children

Excellent aids for choral director and choirs by Matthew Curtis

New Liturgical Movement

Perfecting the Widor Toccata • Widor Transition
Free organ music: A Catholic Organist’s Music Shelf Space