The MIDI Choir Organ

MIDI Module with Organ Stops & Registrations

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Does this sound like you?

An organist sits down to play for the Mass, frustrated before she even plays one note, disappointed that she will be playing an inexpensive MIDI keyboard instead of an organ.  This keyboard has two organ sounds on it that don’t sound remotely like a church organ. At home she practices on a digital piano that also has a couple of “organ sounds” but once again nothing that inspires her to practice and maintain her skills.

Her frustration: All that time spent learning to play the organ and no organ to play the music that she knows and loves to play it on.  And the frustration is enhanced by people at church who tell her how great she makes the keyboard sound and how they do not need to buy an organ because she does such a great job. 

A simple solution: The MIDI Choir Organ 

In Europe many churches have two organs, one in the back gallery and one smaller one near the organ and choir behind the altar.

Choir organs have been built for centuries to accompany singing and play organ literature for all services, while the larger organs --up high in the back of the churches that can afford them-- are often only played on Sundays and Feasts. Choir organs are the work horses, being played daily and filling churches with sound.



  • Plug & Play: Setup takes 5 minutes
  • Portable: You may carry it to church with you.
  • Includes everything you need:
    • MIDI - Power - Stereo Audio Cables
    • Power Supply - 5 VDC with adapter
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  • 30 day Return Policy
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty - Parts & Labor
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Graduated Pedal™

Certain organ registrations, such as Bank 30, feature our invention which makes it possible to play pedal stops within a registration. Graduated Pedal™ stops decrease in scale as they rise in pitch, eliminating the sudden drop-off of pedal stops played using a Bass Coupler.


This is just one of the innovations in The Choir Organ, created by working not to recreate a pipe organ, but to provide affordable and useful organ stops and registrations for churches and organists unable to afford any kind of organ.