About Us

We are musicians who have worked in Catholic churches and, this may surprise you, have probably had many of the frustrations that you have experienced.

We're not talking about singers who miss rehearsals and show up and still expect to sing.  Or wedding rehearsals running late.

The frustration we are talking about is needing and not having music that is both sacred and theologically sound.  You've discovered, if you came from playing or singing for a different denomination, that the style of music you prepared for worship may not fit into playing or singing for the Mass.  And you were surprised that the pieces you studied with an organ teacher are much too long for playing during the Mass. 

It is not easy to:

• Find it
• Afford it
• And most of all:

Present the music in a way that will lift the congregation's spirits.  

Back in the "old days" people attended the Sunday Morning High Mass to hear the Mass and the singing of the choir, even though the Mass and music for it sometimes took more time out of their day. It was worthwhile for them.

Those days are beginning to return. And you can be part of it, and having music for the Mass

We offer a wide range of music that can be purchased as printed books, downloads and some of it is pay what you will.

For example, our A Catholic Book of Hymns & Chants,  Manual de cantos Spanish Hymnal and all Gregorian Chant Books are all PWYW* downloads starting at $0.00 as part of our Free Essentials series.

Welcome to the Sacred Music Family.