A Catholic Book of Hymns [plus Chants, if you like]

A traditional hymnal
for Catholic Parishes

Pages: 247
Size: 6×9″
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Organ Preludes on Hymns

Frustrated as an organist, choir director, cantor, or priest with the traditional hymns of the Church being ignored and replaced with modern music in popular music styles?

You are not alone.

This hymnal contains about 100 hymns that are commonly sung today at Mass, excellent hymns both in theology and the music.

Using this hymnal you will be able to continue on with these hymns the people know the first Sunday and be free to reintroduce from the other 195 the ones they love and miss singing.

These hymns teach and strengthen the faith.

All of our music is free to copy, share, print, podcast and stream with no paperwork or permissions required.

A traditional hymnal and gregorian chant book for Catholic parishes

Pages: 407
Size: 6×9″
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Download hymnal here: PWYW

Paperback book: $17.95
Hardbound (pending)
Chant accompaniment (pending)

This hymnal is our A Catholic Book of Hymns book with added to it the Jubilate Deo with even more chants for the congregation included for their participation. The cantor and choir may sing from A Parish Book of Chant for their parts when leading the congregation.

Pope John Paul XXIII feared the loss of the singable Latin Masses and chants for congregations during Vatican II and gave a gift to the Church, a book with one Mass setting and other chants: Jubilate Deo.

Pope Paul IV also acted in a similar fashion, sending out a Jubilate Deo with more Masses and chants.

ADORAMUS writer Susan Benofy wrote:

In April 1974 Pope Paul VI sent to every bishop in the world a booklet of some of the simplest selections of Gregorian Chant, much of it drawn from the Graduale Romanum. This booklet, called Jubilate Deo, was intended as a “minimum repertoire of Gregorian chant”. It is, in other words, an official Latin “core repertoire” for the Roman Rite. It was prepared, the Pope said, in order “to make it easier for Christians to achieve unity and spiritual harmony with their brothers and with the living tradition of the past. Hence it is that those who are trying to improve the quality of congregational singing cannot refuse Gregorian chant the place which is due to it” (Voluntati Obsequens).

Pope Paul VI gave permission for the selections in Jubilate Deo to be freely reprinted. The booklet was accompanied by a letter in which the Holy Father made this request of the bishops:

“Would you therefore, in collaboration with the competent diocesan and national agencies for the liturgy, sacred music and catechetics, decide on the best ways of teaching the faithful the Latin chants of Jubilate Deo and of having them sing them…. You will thus be performing a new service for the Church in the domain of liturgical renewal” (Voluntati Obsequens).”

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A huge benefit is that your congregation will have a book for Mass that will never go out of date, since there are no translations in our hymnals.


Noel Allen Jones, AAGO

You are bound to have questions – contact me at 606 756 7979 or by email najaago@gmail.com

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