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Organ, Piano, or Keyboard
For the organist, keyboard player, or pianist, this book gives you what you need to accompany the hymns. The simpler harmonies support the full harmonies that the choir and congregation will be singing. You will enjoy balancing the level of your playing with the singing without being too loud or too soft.

For those playing the guitar, hymns require a different approach than songs you have played. Songs call for steady strumming to set up and carry the beat of the song and also introducing and carrying through parts of songs when no one is singing.

Hymns are sung straight through with no interludes and the rhythm is chordal — meaning that the harmonies in the parts the singers sing move the hymn forward without needing strong instrumental accompaniment.

For that reason, some avoid rhythmic strumming when playing hymns. If the singers need support from you, strum just each chord and let it ring out on its own while the singers sing until the next chord name appears and play it. Think of yourself being as a harpist, slowly strumming each chord change. Alternately, you may fingerpick the notes of the chord while not emphasizing any “beat” in the process.

Complete information about this series here.

  •  439 pages – all 295 hymns in SATB 
  • Standard PEW hymnal edition but larger size – 7 by 10″
  • Saves you time: No more copyright permissions, no more processing streaming and podcasting paperwork required.
  • All hymns are theologically sound – the hymnal has been granted IMPRIMATURPrepared for affordable Spiral Binding with clear plastic covers at Staples for about $5.03 – saving $15+ dollars if done when printed.

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