Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that provides access to a vast library of books including The Catholic Sacred Music Library
As a Catholic Church Musician, here’s why it’s worth considering:

  1. Vast Library: For a monthly fee of $11.99, Kindle Unlimited offers over 60 books and all future books from The Catholic Sacred Music Library. Whether you’re a pianist, organist, or choir director, you’ll find a rich collection of sheet music, hymns, and sacred compositions to inspire your performances. 📚
  2. Digital Convenience: Say goodbye to bulky sheet music folders! Many musicians now use tablets and iPads during performances. With Kindle Unlimited, you can have our entire music library at your fingertips on your device. 📱
  3. Flexible Selection: Kindle Unlimited allows you to hold 20 books in your active library. You can easily swap out titles to the active library as needed. So, if you suddenly need that forgotten organ piece, just load it up on your tablet from our extensive 60-book library—from easy music to elaborate compositions! 🎶

How It Works:

Sign Up: Explore a free trial offer

  • Download and Play: As a Kindle Unlimited member, download your favorite music scores directly to your device. Whether you’re in the choir loft or waiting for the bride to arrive, your music will be ready.
  • Read While You Wait: Kindle Unlimited isn’t just for music—it’s a whole library of possibilities. While waiting, dive into a favorite book! 📖

•  Be Ahead of the Curve: We’re proud to be one of the first music publishers on Kindle.

 Join the digital revolution and elevate your musical experience!

Ready to harmonize with convenience? 🎶

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